Orienteering jacket

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The lightweight sports jacket is designed for orienteering. It is made from Luvia material with hydrophobic coating that secures water-resistance in the most needed areas of the jacket. Sleeve cuffs, side parts and shoulder areas are made from Espan material allowing full range of movement for the athlete. Cuffs with thumb holes are made from Espan. Zip fastening includes cover at both ends. Collar is underlined with Fleece material for better comfort. Distinctive reflective trims can be found on seams at the front and at the back of the jacket. Both pockets are fastened with reflective zips too.  Zip pockets are underlined with lightweight Denoder Mesh material and are equipped with lock down systems. Waistband has a drawstring and regulator.

Code: at495
Material: Luvia + Espan
Luvia + Pave + Asteria
Varianten: Unisex / Dětská
Größen : 122-128 / 134 - 140 / 146 / 152 / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / 3XL